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Glass Cloth



( Flame Retardant Adhesive also)

Glass Cloth Electrical Tape 179 is a glass cloth tape with an acrylic pressure-sensitive

adhesive . This tape is used to electrically insulate and provide mechanical protection

at temperatures to (155° C). This tape provides insulation and solvent-resistant

protection for use as coil cover, anchor, banding and core,layer and crossover

insulation. It is edge-tear resistant, conformable and printable. It also features a

superb absorption of resin and varnishes.

• Flame retardant adhesive

• Used in a variety of coil/transformer and motor applications, including an outer wrap

for bobbin

wound coils, banding arbor wound coils, lead pad hold down, end turn and lead

anchor and connection

• Used for banding and strapping applications up to 155°C

PRODUCT :                 Glass cloth tape with acrylic adhesive

BACKING :                   Glass cloth- WHITE

ADHESIVE SYSTEM :        Acrylic

THERMAL CLASS :           155


TOTAL THICKNESS :        0,18 mm.

ADHESION :                    800 gf / in.


ELONGATION :                 < 5%

WIDTH :                          6mm- 1000mm.

LENGTH :                         50 m.

MAIN CHARACTERISTICS : Superior mechanic and thermal properties.

0C – F Class

Self-adhesive tapes are used successfully in many sectors to solve a variety of problems. Our publications contain numerous examples of such uses, intended to help towards a solution of your particular problems. Each product has been developed for a particular range of applications. Nevertheless, experience has shown that even for one and the same objective, the exact requirements may differ from case to case.We, therefore, recommend that you carry out your own tests in each case, to confirm that self-adhesive tape which you envisageusing is appropriate for your particular application. All information and recommendations are given by us in good faith, on the basis of practical experience,but without warranty.